“My personal and professional experience in building family homes has driven me to fill the obvious gap in the market by rewarding our community with a customised build service. Your biggest asset deserves to exceed your own expectations"

I’m Craig Scoble, and I'm extremely proud to provide you with a committed and experienced team, who are passionate about designing and building the best possible home to suit your budget requirements. Our team strive to deliver excellent service and a quality experience throughout the build process.

The vision for Genius Residential is to offer a unique and dynamic approach to building. Everyday people who seek to build their dream home, that stand out from the rest in New Zealand. We understand that you have unique needs, and households are made up differently, our diverse country deserves to have their family home designed to fit their lifestyle.

From a young age, it was always my dream to own my own business and to raise the standard in my industry. I started off in the commercial building industry, focusing on high rise facades where I launched my first company at 23 years old. Now, I’ve followed my dreams and worked extremely hard to be able to bring to the market Genius Residential!

With a wide range of skills gained in the years of commercial and residential building, I believe I’ve put together a team of professionals that will guide you through the process from the start to an exceptional finish.

I'm Nathan Hope, Project Manager here at Genius Residential.

I've lived my whole life here in Wellington, as a third generation builder with 10 years experience in the building trade. I completed my carpentry trade at BCITO and am soon to complete studies in Construction Management. Aiming to constantly develop the skills and knowledge I have under my belt, this role is a true passion of mine.

I enjoy a strict regime in work and play as I’m passionate about my personal health and fitness. A similar mindset can be applied to both aspects of my life as I seek a challenge, learn and work my way towards a desired outcome.

Each day I turn up to site, understanding the importance of executing tasks to hand to a high standard and with efficiency, supporting the wider teams efforts to help your vision come to light. Backed by a keen and knowledgeable crew, I’m confident we can make that a reality.

I’m Hari Haran, working as your Project Manager here at Genius Residential.

My Architectural background and passion for management saw me complete a Masters Degree in Construction Management at Auckland University of Technology. I enjoy managing all aspects of the construction process from start to finish and have a keen eye for detail.

In my leisure time, I like to spend time playing chess, travelling, and watching movies. I’ve come to realise there are many parallels between project management and chess. In reality, when it comes to project management, chess strategy can be highly beneficial.

The way I see it, the beginning stage of the game is similar to your planning strategy, the middle of the game is similar to design and development and the end game is evaluation and execution!

I look forward to meeting you, working alongside you and helping you achieve the perfect build for your family.


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