How Genius Residential Came To Fruition

Craig Scoble

Craig Scoble

“My personal and professional experience in building family homes has driven me to fill the obvious gap in the market by rewarding our community with a customised build service. Your biggest asset deserves to exceed your own expectations"

I’m Craig Scoble, and I'm extremely proud to provide you with a committed and experienced team, who are passionate about designing and building the best possible home to suit your budget requirements. Our team strive to deliver excellent service and a quality experience throughout the build process.

The vision for Genius Residential is to offer a unique and dynamic approach to building. Everyday people who seek to build their dream home, that stand out from the rest in New Zealand. We understand that you have unique needs, and households are made up differently, our diverse country deserves to have their family home designed to fit their lifestyle.

From a young age, it was always my dream to own my own business and to raise the standard in my industry. I started off in the commercial building industry, focusing on high rise facades where I launched my first company at 23 years old. Now, I’ve followed my dreams and worked extremely hard to be able to bring to the market Genius Residential!

With a wide range of skills gained in the years of commercial and residential building, I believe I’ve put together a team of professionals that will guide you through the process from the start to an exceptional finish.

Rose Thomas

Rose Thomas

I’m Rose Thomas and I am the Design Consultant (AKA “Finishes Extraordinaire”) for Genius Residential. I’m an Interior Designer, novice gardener and mother to two young girls. I love spending time with my family and exploring all that Wellington has to offer. Renovation and styling are hobbies of mine which is thanks to almost a decade of working for Resene Paints. Consequently, I know far too much about household paints, cladding systems and wallpaper for the average person!

My role as Design Consultant is to bring your vision to life. I do this by meeting with you early on in the concept phase so that I can get a feel for who you are and the style that you want your new home finished in. I work collaboratively with you to put together a package that meets your taste and budget, always offering options and advice.

The best part of my job is that I can bring joy to our client’s lives. I love meeting new people and gaining an understanding of their lifestyle to better help with the build process. Having renovated a few houses myself, I completely understand how overwhelming or daunting this process can feel, but I am here to help. Communication and organisation are key, as is a stern (but polite) word from your Consultant if you’re being too indecisive! I look forward to meeting and discussing your big dreams. 

The Genius Approach

Genius Residential recognise that it’s no light task to decide to build a house. The concept can be daunting and often a foreign concept. Whether you’re wanting to build a home as an investment or for yourself, we understand it’s all about you!

The world is changing and so is the economy. Our country is becoming more aware of sustainable living and it’s essential that your new home is future proofed. Our aim is to ensure your home is designed to see you into the future, not just for the current conditions as we see it this year.

Our approach is to offer you the ultimate experience that’s like no other. We want to break down the process so it’s reliable, predictable, trustworthy and exceeding your expectations at all times. From choosing the section and laying down the foundations, to you selecting your colour scheme and light fittings, you deserve a customised build with no fuss!

Our Genius Promises to the People


We ensure that your building process is the most efficient and effective experience by dividing the project into five key stages. 


We guarantee a fixed price on your build project and structured progress payments - no surprises and a well informed payment structure keeps everything transparent.


We believe it’s absolutely essential to build high quality homes that are future proofing you and your family. Genius Residential supports you in designing a home that is energy-efficient aiming to reduce the costs of running your home well into the future, whilst caring for the environment and preserving the natural resources we have.


We stand by our quality workmanship and are Registered Master Builders. All our homes built come with a Master Build 10-year guarantee and a 12 month maintenance plan. 

The Genius Blueprint

Designing the Dream

You’ll take the first step by meeting our Genius Residential Consultant. This is the initial meeting to discuss your build requirements and begin the planning and consent process. At this stage, you can custom-design a home that is specific to your needs and budget, You’ll meet with our designer to fine tune the build plans, and go through the selection process for things such as choosing colours, materials, and appliances.

Constructing the Craft

At this stage, you would have confirmed your contract and building consent will be granted by Council and your build will commence. This is such an exciting stage, where the foundations of your home are being put down and it’s all about to become real!

The Layers come Together

The external layers of your home are constructed at this stage, you’ll often hear people refer to the frame of a home as ‘the bones’. You’ll see your home really take shape with the roof going on, windows been installed and all your visions will become reality.

Interior Fit-out

Our team will now be focusing on finishing the home by co-ordinating the trades and ensuring every trade completes work on time and to a high standard. This can often be the most difficult period of the build but with our experienced team and proven systems to ensure your home is kept on track and finished on time.

We’ll do a final inspection with you to make sure everything is perfect before settlement day. Genius Residential have a robust process to follow to make sure that before giving you your keys to the house, everything is as it should be and ready for you to start living! 


Purchasing your own home is definitely one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life, and can be quite stressful when applying for pre-approval! We highly recommend utilising the services of a Mortgage Broker, they’re a fountain of knowledge and a free service to you. It’s imperative you have pre-approval before beginning the build process. 

Genius Residential recommend the experts at Loan Market Capital and Coast. With access to more lenders than anyone else in Wellington, they’ve got the right solution for you and your house build aspirations.

Dan Bailey

Dan has 17 years’ experience in finance with the majority spent at major trading banks until starting up Loan Market Capital and Coast in 2015. There aren't too many client situations he hasn't come across and been able to help get clients finance for their own home or to expand their rental portfolio. Having the largest range of lenders available in the Wellington region he can find the right solutions for you.

Finance and building a home

  1. Not all banks are created equal when it comes to financing a home, just because your bank says no doesn't mean that another won't say yes. 
  2. It's always a good idea to get your finance pre-approved before you commit to the contract
  3. Banks often won't finance builds that have started already and progressed past the foundation stage with out step 2 in place, its important you plan out how you fund your build
  4. Banks view fixed price versus a cost and quotes build with different criteria.  
Talk to us and we can tailor a solution for you.

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